Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Faerie Portrait

I have been busy these past few weeks with a commissioned faerie portrait for two children.  Their mother contacted me and was so excited to have her daughter's portrait done with a faerie theme incorporated to it.

Above is my cluttered and messy drawing table :) and below is the first of the two portraits.  The little girl's name is Sophia and she loves horses with wings, you can see the light pencil drawing of the horses flying before her.  The other portrait is sort of a Thumbelina inspired theme, Sophia's little sister gets to sit on the middle of a flower. I will post it once I have worked on the colors as well.  I plan to finish off the paintings with colored pencil for further details.  I have less than a month now to finish all illustrations. 'Gotta work work work!


  1. how wonderful, i can only imagine that these will be loved, forever!

  2. I love seeing peoples work spaces! Great work, keep it up.

  3. @tammie: hello! I really do hope that they'd like it,,I get anxious about these kind of things,,,thank you for your kind words :)

    @Autumn, thank you so much! I really have a very small workplace, I can't seem to find a decent drawing table here in Dubai...