Saturday, June 11, 2011

Afternoon Tea

This is a watercolor study ( in progress) of two squirrels having their afternoon tea. There's a few tiny touches of colored pencils in there too.


  1. Squirrels are one of my most favorite critters ever! Is that cartridge paper your working on?

  2. Hi Rosie!I am having fun drawing them actually. I'm using this Winsor and Newton 'Bockingford' cold pressed paper. I am not that happy with the result because I keep getting this "dry" watercolor effect on it...but I was able to finally buy Arches hot press..hopefully it would be much better:)

  3. If you can get ahold of it, try 'saunders waterford' paper(or high white if you prefer brilliant white paper) if you have not already. It's even better than Arches (for me), and much less expensive. I can't stop using it - it takes all sorts of abuse like repeated washes, scrubbing and lifting out.

    Look forward to seeing your finished piece!

  4. Hi,
    I'm also a big fan of Brian Froud =)
    I find your drawings and blog great!

  5. Rosie thank you for that wonderful tip! I will definitely look for that paper,,so true Arches is expensive ridiculously expensive...

  6. Hi Patricia! Thank you for checking out my page! Yes Brian Froud is the ultimate inspiration. :) Have a nice day!