Saturday, July 3, 2010

In Progress!

This is an update of the second portrait, just got a week left before I give it to the client! Jitters!!! I had a bit of a difficulty painting her, I don't know she's a pretty little girl but there are times it's just hard for me to capture that small detail of the eyes or the expression of the I didn't paint for a couple of days because I might ruin the whole thing.  I gave myself a break from it and just started painting yesterday and so far I love the result. I plan to paint her dress in light shade of orange and with less detail so her face and the little wings would stand out.  Now I would be cramming before the week ends :S


  1. so sweet
    so charming
    it can be frightening to ruin something, looks lovely to me.

  2. Beautiful! its so hard isn't it to get to that stage when you like the piece & really dont want to spoil it!! good luck but im sure it will be perfect when you have finished it x

  3. thank you tammie and ruthie! I'm crossing my fingers that I'd finish this just the way I like it :)