Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ode to Mustard Seed

A week has passed since I last posted here and now I'm back! :)  This is the newest work I did the other day, took me less than one day to finish it. I was able to buy a Winsor & Newton Ink - Nut Brown color and I really love it!  I love the old or classic effect it gives on the illustration.    

I call this new work "Ode to Mustard Seed", he is one of the four faeries in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Forgive me for the quality of the image, I just took a quick snap of the illustration :S

This is the first of four illustrations I am doing which I insist on calling "An Ode to the Four Faeries".  The next one that I am doodling with is Peaseblossom.  Will be posting it very very soon.


  1. Lindo, que gracinha.Parabéns.

  2. Ooh lovely lovely lovely! Nut brown is a great colour isn't it? Gives it that faded vintage look.
    Looking forward to see the rest of the faeries!

  3. hi rosie! thank you,,,it's really a great colour,,I can't get enough of it for real!

  4. so wonderful! and yes, the nut brown is great.

  5. Dads natapos mo na 'to? May? :-)