Monday, September 27, 2010

Boletus species (Mushrooms)

To begin with I would just like to say that I'm guilty! Guilty of posting several works in progress... can't help it! I'm doing this piece for 2 days now, but only after when I get home from work.  I would allot some time to paint it and would just stop and leave it for the next day. It's kinda' hard painting after work, you're all drained up and tired (excuses excuses).

 I love illustrating mushrooms and these two guys belong to the Boletus species. The bigger dude is called Boletus Erythropus and he is edible, while the smaller and innocent-looking guy at the front is called the Devil's Boletus because they are poisonous, thus non-edible.

I still need to add more details on the Devil's Boletus and color the twigs and leaves on the foreground.  I just need one more night ,,probably tomorrow when I get home I would be able to finish it.  I will post it tomorrow..promise! :)

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