Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eryngium yuccifolium

This is my new work in progress which i call "Eryngium yuccifolium" (Sea Holly). I bought a stalk of this plant which I think is very lovely. It's kinda' complicated to paint it but what the heck!  As you can see my Eryngium is already wilting, I need to work faster if I'm going to use fresh references for my illustration.

I have so much stuff in my hands at the moment and there's just so little time to accomplish everything.  I haven't even started with the toadstool drawings which I need to show a client at the end of the month...oh just great! :S


  1. Looking good though. You'd make a good botanical illustrator!

  2. how wonderful to see your art in progress. I look forward to seeing it completed too~

  3. thank you guys! i'm really crossing my fingers that i'd be able to finish it! :)